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SNRG Block™ System

by analytichem_v2

Flexibility that Delivers Precision

Product Features

Adapts to Your Process

The SNRG Block™ system pairs innovative design with high temperature uniformity to create an extremely reliable sample digestion system suitable for methods up to 240°C. The system comes in two sizes, accommodating 12 to 96 samples and three sample tube sizes. The SNRG Block™ adapts to your workflow enabling necessary consistency and accuracy in your sample preparation.
Two blocks

Single System, Multiple Configurations

Tailor your SNRG Block™ System to your workflow using the graphite insert accessory. Simply swap your insert to rapidly update your system to accommodate a different sample size and meet your specific process requirements. Inserts are available for 15 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml tubes.
Graphite Blocks

Integrated Touchscreen Controller

The integrated controller features a 7” touch screen for intuitive navigation and control. You can effortlessly mount the controller using the built-in magnet or place it on a flat surface with the convenient kickstand. With the ability to create multi-step methods and live progress tracking displayed on the screen, you can optimize and store digestion methods ensuring accurate sample preparation. Equipped with storage capacity for up to 60 files, the SNRG Block™ controller ensures seamless organization and accessibility of essential data.



  System 1 & System 2
System Type Sample preparation, digestion block
Maximum Temperature 240°C
Uniformity (°C) ±1.5°C at 240°C
Power 115V or 230V
Controller Configuration Integrated 7” Touch Screen
Ports/Output USB-A
Wi-Fi (only available in some markets)
Methods Each method can include up to 3 heating and 3 temperature hold
Storage Store up to 60 data files

Sample Capacity
The SNRG Block™ system utilizes removable inserts to hold and transfer heat to samples. Users can
easily utilize different inserts on a single system, meaning one block can be used to accommodate
3 different sample tube sizes. Inserts are Teflon coated graphite for high heating uniformity and
strong chemical and corrosion resistance.

System 1 System 2
Requires 1 insert. Requires 2 inserts.
Inserts for different tube sizes can be used at the same time.

Graphite Insert Configuration

Tube Size Number of Sample Wells
15 ml 48
50 ml 24
100 ml 12


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