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SNRG Block™ System

by analytichem_v2

Flexibility that Delivers Precision

Product Features

Two blocks

Adapts to Your Unique Process

The SNRG Block™ system pairs innovative design with high temperature uniformity to create an extremely reliable sample digestion system suitable for methods up to 240°C. The system comes in two sizes, accommodating 12 to 96 samples and three sample tube sizes. The SNRG Block™ adapts to your workflow enabling necessary consistency and accuracy in your sample preparation.

Graphite Blocks

Single System, Multiple Configurations

Tailor your SNRG Block™ System to your workflow using the graphite insert accessory. Simply swap your insert to rapidly update your system to accommodate a different sample size and meet your specific process requirements. Inserts are available for 15 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml tubes.


Integrated Touchscreen Controller

The integrated controller boasts a 7” touch screen for easy navigation and control, featuring a built-in magnet for mounting or a kickstand for tabletop placement. Create multi-step methods, track digestion progress live and store up to 60 files on the intuitive SNRG Block™ System controller.


  System 1 & System 2
System Type Sample preparation, digestion block
Maximum Temperature 240°C
Uniformity (°C) ±1.5°C at 240°C
Power 115V or 230V
Controller Configuration Integrated 7” Touch Screen with 6 ft cable
Ports/Output USB-A
Wi-Fi (only available in some markets)
Methods Each method can include up to 3 heating and 3 temperature hold steps
Storage Store up to 60 data files

Sample Capacity
The SNRG Block™ system utilizes removable inserts to hold and transfer heat to samples. Users can
easily utilize different inserts on a single system, meaning one block can be used to accommodate
3 different sample tube sizes. Inserts are Teflon coated graphite for high heating uniformity and
strong chemical and corrosion resistance.

System 1 System 2
Requires 1 insert. Requires 2 inserts.
Inserts for different tube sizes can be used at the same time.

Graphite Insert Configuration

Tube Size Number of Sample Wells
15 ml 48
50 ml 24
100 ml 12